Happy Birthday, Angel!

Bacon Cake for the Boy

I was researching Saint Bernard breeders today, and came across this quote (author unknown):

“A Saint is a friend for life. They hurt us only one time in their life, and that is the day we lose them.”

So true, as I celebrate your sixth birthday without you today.

I think you must have sent me a gift recently.  Funny that I’ve never had a Saint Bernard in classes or private lessons until recently, when I received a Click to Calm application for a 9 month old Saint exhibiting reactive behavior toward men.  I meet him for a private lesson on Monday, and hope that I can a) make it through the lesson without crying, and b) not commit a serious breach of professional ethics by stealing my client’s dog.

For your birthday, I will honor you by doing everything I can to help save this Saint’s life and his owner’s sanity.  It will be a healing experience for me to help a piglet like you and a frazzled dog parent, much like your dad and I once were.  I’ll also give the cub lots of yummies, you’d want her to have them I’m sure.  Once she won you over, you would give her the meatball out of your Kong you loved her so much.

Today, I should be feeding you meals worthy of a Saint; a breakfast of home made, organic peanut butter banana ice cream and free range buffalo and venison ribs that have been waiting in the freezer for this day since last year’s hunting season’s scraps.  I’d especially like to make you a bacon cake, I always liked to give you bacon on your birthday – it was a special treat that you only got on this special day.

Instead, I will be looking through your pictures, laughing and crying and remembering each of the approximately 12,000,000 important lessons you taught me in our short time together and planning on how I can share the most critical of them with my new Saint-in-Training.

Tonight, before bed, I’ll remind dad that since I can’t hook you up with your favorite yummies on the birthday, he’ll have to do so over the bridge.  I hope you are able to hump the legs of lots of hugging people, deliver a toy to everyone you greet as you so loved to do, steal twizzlers, gourmet candy apples, and breakfast pastries to your belly’s content, and that you plaster the heavens with slobber.

I miss you.  Happy birthday, angel.

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