Ode to Jellybean (Patrick Danforth)

Patrick Danforth is a modern dog trainer and co-founder of The Foster Dog Chronicles. Here is his memorial to his beautiful crossover dog, Jellybean. R.I.P. Jellybean (1994-2007).

After 14 years of life my wonderful and much loved dog Jellybean has passed away. Her last day consisted of lots of sleep, Episode 8 Season 3 of Smallville sitting with me. Walking in the snow, eating and some more sleeping.

She went peacefully. She is survived by Poe.

She had one full life, bought her in Augusta, GA instead of going on a cruise (talk about well worth it!). From there we took a long car ride to Washington State. After being there a week it was time to catch a very long flight to Korea……Heck yeah Korea! There we stayed for 6 months then fly back to Washington State. The year was 1996, that is where we stayed living in many different places with many roommates and managed to get a cat named Poe. There was also Zoe another dauchsund that was not as fortunate, she was hit by a car. I will include Willy the Ferret and my Rat. (they were not hit by a car).

In the year 2006 she made one more long cross country trip with me to Upstate New York (where I live now) and spent the last year and seven months of her life. What did she do while living here? MAN OH MAN she got her own special box on the quad so she could ride along, she got to play with several other dogs ok ok not really play but enjoy some good company. In between moving out here she went deaf prior to getting to New York and went half blind, did that stop her? NO! She managed just fine, even managed to kill a chicken (which we mourned) just goes to show even in age, deaf and partially blind you never should count out Jellybean.

I will miss my dog Jellybean very much, even though you just read two small paragraphs about her that does not even touch the surface, like she got to go to a Greg Allman concert (she got cotton stuffed in her ears), or while in Korea had to ride in a back pack while I moped around town.

She will be buried today. I refused to dig a hole a few weeks ago, I did not want to even think she was close to dying (closer then I thought) I said if I have to dig in to frozen ground I would do that for my Jellybean. I think she knew and was testing me as we now have about 8 inches of snow and the ground is rather hard.

So you would think 9 days would be enough to time to get over your dog dying. I guess for some but not for me and those who know me and knew Jellybean understand that. Yeah yeah the self pity party is over, I am just trying to readjust to something that is no longer there, that something is Jellybean.

She will forever be dear to my heart and missed everyday. The happiness she brought to my life over the course of 13 years will not be forgotten. I have my pictures and videos…..of course you always wish you had more.

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